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  • Apple Glasses: Goodbye, Freaks; Hello Fashion

    2h By Bambi Brannan
    Divining the future from the Apple crystal ball takes patience, insight, experience, and a couple of bottles of sake over some fresh sushi and sashimi in the hopes you might overhear a few loose lips from a Cupertino ... Continue Reading »
  • How The iPad Can Replace The Mac

    2h By Wil Gomez
    All of us know that politicians, used car salesmen, and the media lie to us all the time. We’re used to it. Right or wrong, we discount what they say as soon as they say it. How would ... Continue Reading »
  • How To Use A Different Mac Finder

    2h By Natalia Nowak
    When Apple launched OS X way back at the turn of the century, it came with a new version of the Mac’s venerable Finder utility. From then on and for a decade or so it seemed as if ... Continue Reading »
  • AMD Or ARM: The Future Of Mac CPUs

    Wed 7:02pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    One of the primary aspects of a product’s success is differentiation. As an example, beyond Apple ecosystem, the Mac is differentiated from most Windows PCs and Chromebooks by quality components and macOS Sierra. Likewise, the iPhone is…
  • Apple Is In Chip Pain Again

    Wed 7:01pm By Wil Gomez
    How far back does your knowledge of Apple’s chip problems go? Way, way back in the day, Apple chose a then powerful Motorola design to compete with the personal computers running CP/M and DOS. The Apple II and ... Continue Reading »
  • How To Print A Mac’s Finder Window

    Wed 7:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    Way back in the day, back when the Mac was not populated by macOS Sierra, classic Mac OS had some ease of use still not found on modern computer operating systems, including Apple’s latest and greatest for the ... Continue Reading »
  • What’s An iPhone Worth To You?

    Tue 7:01pm By Wil Gomez
    What’s your iPhone worth to you? Well, it’s whatever you paid for it, right? Not so fast. There’s more to using an iPhone than just the upfront price tag. Like everything Apple, an iPhone is more than the ... Continue Reading »
  • Behold! Apple’s 2017 Supercycle!

    Tue 7:01pm By Jack D. Miller
    Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. It’s just too easy to do in the age of sensationalism and fake news. This isn’t news, though. It’s good old fashioned conjecture, but somewhat based upon the Gregorian calendar, with a layer ... Continue Reading »
  • Use Your Mac To Speed Dial Phone Calls

    Tue 7:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    What’s not to like about Apple’s famed walled garden ecosystem. iPhone users love using their phones so much that it created a halo effect which helps to push Mac sales to record levels. Again. One of the newest ... Continue Reading »
  • Apple And The Tim Cook Era Pipeline

    Mon 7:01pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    CEO Tim Cook has been running Apple for a long time. The era of Steve Jobs’ second coming ranged from 1997 to a few years before his death, when Cook was the de facto CEO. Jobs died more ... Continue Reading »
  • Hello, Math, And Goodbye, iPad mini

    Mon 7:01pm By Wil Gomez
    One of my favorite apps of the 21st century is PCalc. It’s a calculator app for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Watch. PCalc is more than a standard calculator, of course; it’s packed with features and I like ... Continue Reading »
  • The Mac Power Manager Tool Apple Forgot

    Mon 7:00pm By Jack D. Miller
    Wait. What? A Mac can manage power? Well, yes and no. Yes, there’s a way to get your Mac to power on and power off according to a schedule. And, no, it’s doesn’t do much of anything else. ... Continue Reading »