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  • How Google’s Tricky Tracking Tracks You

    Mon 8:01pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    What company gets the most heat from politicians, critics, and technology writers for tracking users? If you answered, Facebook, you’re correct. Yet, Google actually tracks users more. More? Insidiously more. Even when you turn off settings for…
  • Google Copies Apple Again With ‘Campfire’

    Mon 8:00pm By Jack Miller
    That Google copies from Apple is nothing new. After all, most technology companies copy something from each other all the time. Copying isn’t new. What Google has planned for Chromebooks, assuming the rumors that have surfaced to date ... Continue Reading »
  • About Browsers And ‘Personal Browsers’

    Mon 8:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    How many browsers do you use? Just one? Safari? That makes you a normal Mac, iPhone, or iPad user. What about Chrome? Is it on your device? Google’s Chrome is the most used browser on earth and growing ... Continue Reading »
  • Apple TV Content From Apple Customers

    Mon 8:00pm By Bambi Brannan
    Where is Apple going wrong? What is Apple missing out on in its fight against Google, Samsung, Amazon, and Microsoft? All of them make hardware and all of them are different. Where are Apple’s weaknesses? First, Apple is ... Continue Reading »
  • You Can’t Make An Old Mac New Again

    Sun 8:02pm By Natalia Nowak
    We cannot be more than a few years away from what Apple co-founder Steve Jobs kinda mostly sorta predicted about the future when he introduced the original Mac in 1984. Computers should be sealed appliances. That was not ... Continue Reading »
  • Why Apple Alone Cannot Fix Stupid

    Sun 8:01pm By Wil Gomez
    Remember the original public internet from the mid-1990s? We basked in the glory of how technology could pull the world together into a village via this vast information superhighway, right? How did that work out? Well, here we ... Continue Reading »
  • Instant Audio Sound Bites On A Mac

    Sun 8:00pm By Ron McElfresh
    My Mac is home to far more applications than I need and home to more than a few that I don’t use. Every now and then I run into an application that is so perfect for a specific ... Continue Reading »
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Is A Tablet

    Thu 8:02pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Apple has been on a tear of product revelations recently. Well, not so much Apple as the rumormongers and details for new iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and maybe a MacBook Air. Apple competitors haven’t been standing still. Just ... Continue Reading »
  • Can Apple Protect Us From Ourselves?

    Thu 8:01pm By Wil Gomez
    Humanity has problems. We’re good at creating problems. We’re not so good at creating solutions for the problems we create. Let’s talk online censorship. Let’s talk freedom of speech. Let’s add to the mix, our baseless convictions. Apple ... Continue Reading »
  • Somebody, Please Put ‘Clock’ On A Mac

    Thu 8:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    Color me spoiled. One of my favorite Apple applications ever– not Safari or Mail or Calendar or Photos or whatever– is the Clock app on iPhone and iPad. Seriously. This is one of the best and most useful ... Continue Reading »
  • Subscribe Now To Block About Everything

    Thu 8:00pm By Jack Miller
    Do you hate advertising? Yes. No. Both. Television commercials can be entertaining. Magazine and newspaper ads can be informative. Online advertising can be a blight or scourge and wastes our time. How so? It isn’t just an ad ... Continue Reading »
  • Firefox Goes Into Advertising And Advice

    Wed 8:03pm By Bambi Brannan
    Advertising makes the world go ’round. Advertising greases the wheels of commerce. Without advertising, the inernet as we know it would be less content and higher prices. One of my favorite non-Safari browsers is Mozilla’s Firefox. It’s…