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  • Apple Watch Has What iPhone X Needs

    2h By Wil Gomez
    One of the most underrated, underused, and utterly useful functions in Apple Watch is complications. Nearly every Watch face has complications and it’s exactly what is needed on iPhone. Complications? Yes. Complication is a horology term which…
  • Apple TV Meets The Future Of TV

    2h By Jeffrey Mincey
    Television is in disarray. TV is changing. TV is fragmented. TV today isn’t what television used to be just a few decades ago, and that’s a combination of good and bad. The good? More channels. The bad, 50,000 ... Continue Reading »
  • Mac And iPhone Todo Lists Gone Wild

    2h By Natalia Nowak
    What is it with all the todo lists for Mac, iPhone, and iPad? iOS and macOS High Sierra come with a built-in reminders app that is remarkably powerful. It has location based reminders, and shared reminders, and tasks-within-task ... Continue Reading »
  • Apple Is ‘Not Just Another Tech Company’

    Mon 7:02pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Last night we dined out with a friend and his wife. She has a Watch Series 0. He has a Seiko-something. I asked the obvious, “When are you getting a Watch Series 3 with LTE?” His answer, “We’ll ... Continue Reading »
  • Try A Typewriter Simulator On Your Mac

    Mon 7:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    Apple has a wonderful television commercial highlighting iPad Pro and iOS 11, where a child asks the question, “What’s a computer?” Honestly, I know school age students who ask, “What’s a typewriter?” My day job has me working ... Continue Reading »
  • How Microsoft Is Married To The Past

    Sun 7:02pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Remember computers? Of course you do. You’re using a computer now. Mac, PC, Android, iPhone or iPad, these are the computers and platforms that mankind knows, and for better or worse, use each day. They are computers. We ... Continue Reading »
  • Try A Free Mac Browser From The 1990s

    Sun 7:01pm By Natalia Nowak
    Remember Netscape? Me, too. In fact, I cut my computer teeth on Netscape Communicator back in the 1990s. What made the app so popular were a stack of features you don’t find in most modern browsers, including Apple’s ... Continue Reading »
  • Try The Free And Minimal Mac Browser

    Sun 7:00pm By Jack Miller
    You may have heard it said that browsers are a dime a dozen these days. That’s wrong. Clearly the price is far less than a dime to get a dozen Mac browsers up and running. The browser trend ... Continue Reading »
  • Microsoft’s New MacBook Pro Killer

    Thu 7:03pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    Why is it that Apple’s competition all have new killer products? Every year brings about a new iPhone killer, a new iPad killer, and, of course, the old standby meme that never dies, a new MacBook killer. The ... Continue Reading »
  • Benchmarks Are Dead, Differentiation Rules

    Thu 7:02pm By Wil Gomez
    Humans are interesting creatures. We use various devices and tools a certain way, but we measure their performance in completely different ways. Most of us think about the apps we use on our iPhones, right? What about members ... Continue Reading »
  • 5 Better Ways To Browse On Your Mac

    Thu 7:00pm By Jack Miller
    Way back in the day, the very earliest days of Mac360, we advocated using an old technology to make web browsing more efficient, which saved time and effort. What was that old technology? RSS. RSS? Call it Rich ... Continue Reading »
  • How To Add A Shortcut Bar To Your Mac

    Thu 7:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    Way, way back in the day, back when Macs were beige and I laughed at older women who used wrinkle cream and Spanx, the Mac had a not-so-secret navigation option that let you go anywhere on the Mac ... Continue Reading »