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  • A Few More Words On Apple Watch

    3:12am By Wil Gomez
    More mature Apple customers may remember Franklin Computer. Way back in the early days of Apple’s journey as the personal computer trendsetter, Franklin copied Apple’s ROM and designs, got sued, lost, and became a footnote to tech…
  • This Free Notes App Goes Everywhere

    3:00am By Natalia Nowak
    It seems as if plants earth is overrun with notes apps. There are two notes apps already on your Mac, and there’s a corresponding notes app on the iPhone and iPad. Apple went all out on creativity and ... Continue Reading »
  • How Apple Could Crash And Burn

    Thu 8:03pm By Kate MacKenzie
    Everyone who writes anything about Apple these days has something of a crash and burn moment; a scenario where our favorite Cupertino company could stumble and fall, be it by government dictate or market forces. For the moment, ... Continue Reading »
  • It’s Time To Break Up Apple Again

    Thu 8:01pm By Wil Gomez
    The whole idea of attending a university is for students to be exposed to other aspects of the world beyond a specific major or degree. When I was in college I took an argumentation and debate class that ... Continue Reading »
  • Another Way To Drag And Drop On A Mac

    Thu 8:00pm By Jack Miller
    What’s the oldest function you remember on the Mac? Point and click? Probably. Next? Drag and drop nears the top of my list. Point, click, drag and drop files into folders or move folders from here to there. ... Continue Reading »
  • More Backup And Sync For Your Mac

    Thu 8:00pm By Natalia Nowak
    Color me an old fashioned gal, but I like app names that are descriptive. Apple has a few. Mail. Calendar. Contacts. Messages. Photos. Notes. Reminders. Even Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are decently named. Safari? Uh, not so much. ... Continue Reading »
  • Artificial Intelligence Loves Apple’s Tim Cook

    Wed 8:04pm By Wil Gomez
    Who is the smartest person on earth? You could be forgiven if you said President Trump. Could. Probably not. Actually, the question should be reworded. Person should be personage. That changes things. Many smart people show up on ... Continue Reading »
  • iPhone Movies Are This Good

    Wed 8:02pm By Jeffrey Mincey
    We Mincey folks have our vices; our proud, family vices. They range back to gun collections (and usage), poker, whiskey, ponies, cameras, and calculator collections. And, more recently, movies. I started movie making back in the early…
  • Get Short URL’s In The Mac’s Menubar

    Wed 8:02pm By Natalia Nowak
    Many teachers at the school where I work often complain about broken URLs in email messages. The teachers want to send a very long link to their students or other staff members, and the URL is so long ... Continue Reading »
  • Get An iMazing iOS Backup On Your Mac

    Wed 8:00pm By Jack Miller
    What’s the best way to back up your iPhone and iPad to your Mac? What? You can do that? Who knew? I asked around, and not one of my iPhone or iPad-using friends backs up to iTunes on ... Continue Reading »
  • Poor And Sad: Apple’s Problem With Scale

    Tue 8:03pm By Wil Gomez
    Apple has a problem that only successful technology companies have. Scale. Apple sells a few hundred million iPhones each year and needs plenty of high quality parts. Basically, that means Apple requires a hundred million components to…
  • Fools Won’t Buy Apple’s New iPad Pro

    Tue 8:02pm By Bambi Brannan
    When it comes to exactly when you should buy a new product, there are multiple schools of thought. And sometimes, there is no thought whatsoever. Uh huh. People don’t think about what they’re doing and how it impacts ... Continue Reading »