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  • GDC 2015: Paradox Interactive announces Knights of Pen and Paper II

    2h By Jeff Scott
    Knights of Pen and Paper II is coming to mobile on May 14th — the preview trailer was just released today. We’ll get a chance to go hands on with it later this week.…
  • GDC 2015: Hands-On with Does Not Commute from Mediocre

    2h By Jeff Scott
    Mediocre has the most humble name in mobile games as they produce nothing but stellar games. Their upcoming racer / puzzle / crazy fun strategic driving game Does Not Commute is no exception. Got a few minutes with the game and it is super original and…
  • GDC 2015: Hands-on with This War of Mine – Upcoming Wartime Life Simulator

    2h By Jeff Scott
    11bit Studios released This War of Mine last year on Steam. It was easily one of the best games of the year. The good news is that it’s coming early this year to iPad. A very intense simulator of life in a war torn city, this one is not to be missed. We got…
  • Dungeon Hunter 5 Gets a New Trailer, Releases March 12

    3h By Chris Reed
    The latest in Gameloft’s Diablo-like series of hack-‘n-slash dungeon crawlers is almost here. The post Dungeon Hunter 5 Gets a New Trailer, Releases March 12 syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • First gameplay trailer for BlazBlue: Battle Cards

    12:03pm By Nadia Oxford
    Fighting game series BlazBlue is getting a mobile card-battling game called, appropriately, BlazBlue: Battle Cards. The first gameplay trailer is now available. BlazBlue: Battle Cards will sport 9 different characters taken from the latest entry of the main…
  • Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic hits mobile this week

    11:44am By Nadia Oxford
    The pixel-based roguelike RPG Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic proved popular on Steam, and it’s coming to iOS and Android on March 5. Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic is a roguelike which features three campaigns to complete, five-thousand different weapons to collect,…
  • Plants vs Zombies 2 and Peggle Blast get new levels, characters

    11:26am By Nadia Oxford
    Popular tower defense title Plants vs Zombies 2 has a new pack of 16 levels that take place in the icy “Frostbite Caves.” And Peggle Blast has a new face: Buddy the Turtle, who’s capable of igniting rocket-powered peg explosions.…
  • Gamezebo goes hands-on with Sonic Runners

    11:01am By Nadia Oxford
    Confidence in Sega’s upcoming Sonic Runners hasn’t been high, but after spending some time with the endless runner (which is currently in soft launch), Gamezebo’s Jim Squires says the game is quite enjoyable. Sonic Runners is the first SEGA game to…
  • Real Racing 3 Anniversary – Corvette ZR1 Giveaway

    10:37am By Jeff Scott
    Real Racing 3 has hit two years on the App Store. It’s amazing that it is still the best looking and most amazing racing simulator available. To celebrate, EA is giving away a Corvette ZR1 — unfortunately just in the game though. Real Racing 3 sees over 13…
  • Mortal Kombat X Mobile Reveal Trailer Released

    9:44am By Jeff Scott
    Warner Brothers Interactive today released the first trailer for the upcoming card battler / fighting hybrid Mortal Kombat X. The game is coming to iOS and Android in April, 2015.…
  • Welcome to the NEW Slide To Play!

    9:20am By Jeff Scott
    It was forever in development, but the new Slide To Play is finally live. With the new design comes a new focus, to become the go to source for catching up on what’s important in mobile gaming. We’ll plow through hundreds of stories from dozens of sources…
  • Hearthstone card “Antique Healbot” nearly ruins the game.

    Sun 8:04pm By Jeff Scott
    Matt Thrower takes a look at the one card, “Antique Healbot”, nearly ruined the balance of Hearthstone. No-one saw it coming. When the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion to Hearthstone introduced all its wonderful and wacky cards, we all wondered where the big…
  • AppSpy Gives AG Drive Top Marks

    Sun 7:39pm By Jeff Scott
    AppSpy takes a look at AG Drive in their latest video review. Giving it top marks and only dinging it for not having multiplayer. If you like “swooshy swoopy futuristic racers” this one might be the one.…
  • Crossbow Warrior Goes Free

    Sun 7:34pm By Jeff Scott
    Crossbow Warrior has gone free. Sort of a Temple Run meets sniper game. It’s a fun premium game gone free. The post Crossbow Warrior Goes Free syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • Award Winning Nihilumbra Goes Free

    Sun 7:26pm By Jeff Scott
    It’s been free a couple other times before. But if you don’t have it, it’s certainly worth grabbing. The post Award Winning Nihilumbra Goes Free syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • ‘Badland’ Update #23 Brings New Co-Op Levels, Achievements, and Missions

    Sun 7:12pm By Jeff Scott
    Badland has been updated again — this time with additional co-op levels. An amazing 23rd update since the original release. The post ‘Badland’ Update #23 Brings New Co-Op Levels, Achievements, and Missions syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • Lonnie Play Trivia Crack (ad free)

    Sun 12:00am By Jeff Scott
    The post Lonnie Play Trivia Crack (ad free) syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • Lonnie Plays Overkill 3

    Sat 11:58pm By Jeff Scott
    Lonnie takes Overkill 3 for a spin. The post Lonnie Plays Overkill 3 syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • Goblin Sword Gets a Great Big Update

    Sat 11:25pm By Chris Reed
    This fantastic action platformer just got an update that introduces loads of new content. If you haven’t played it, now’s a great time to give it a shot. The major new feature in the 1.5 update of Goblin Sword is an entire new chapter titled The Lost City…
  • Hands-on Preview: Sid Meier’s Starships

    Sat 11:22pm By Jeff Scott
    Pocket Tactics goes hands on with the much anticipated Firaxis/2K Games Sid Meier’s Starships. It’s the most in depth preview we’ve yet to see. Starships is scheduled for a March 12th release at $14.99 on iOS.…
  • Tempo Review from Touch Arcade: “Pointless”, AppSpy: 4/5

    Sat 11:21pm By Jeff Scott
    A rather harsh review from Touch Arcade for the timing based action game Tempo. The game is beautiful, but doesn’t really meet any needs. If you want a military-action game, go play Modern Combat 5, at least it will test your skill. Even if you’re not good…
  • TA Plays: Gunbrick from Nitrome

    Sat 11:19pm By Jeff Scott
    Gunbrick from Nitrome came out last year, but it’s still worth jumping back into. Eli and Jared take a look. The post TA Plays: Gunbrick from Nitrome syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • Peggle Blast Turtle Power Update

    Sat 11:17pm By Jeff Scott
    The update to Peggle Blast adds a new character in the game along with 15 new levels. The post Peggle Blast Turtle Power Update syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered – Pocket Tactics: 4/5

    Sat 11:16pm By Jeff Scott
    Pocket Tactics takes a look at the remastered adventure game Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy and gives it a 4/5. Commenting “Sometimes Fahrenheit wants to be hyper-naturalistic and sometimes it wants to be Time Crisis Touch. It’s jarring, to say the least.”…
  • Auro Review: a tight, finely honed puzzle game

    Sat 11:15pm By Jeff Scott
    Pocket Tactics takes a look at Auro, the turn based puzzle game released last week. They give it top marks and comment: Auro is a tight, finely honed puzzle game clad in the monstrous milieu of a dungeon crawl, similar to Hoplite and 868-Hack. Players are cast…
  • World Zombination Strategies, Tips, and Cheats Posted

    Sat 11:14pm By Jeff Scott
    Gamezebo has posted a wrap-up of some excellent tips for the tower defense World Combination from Proletariat. The post World Zombination Strategies, Tips, and Cheats Posted syndicated from Slide to Play.
  • Best Games Currently On Sale or Free

    Wed 8:00pm By Chris Reed
    Hey neat, a bunch of iOS games are on sale or free right now. And you know what? Lots of them are actually really good games. If you’ve been eyeing any of these bad boys or are in the mood for a bargain on an excellent time waster, check out the list below…
  • Craneballs Unleashes it’s Massive Shooter Overkill 3

    Wed 2:18pm By Jeff Scott
    Overkill 3 has been released worldwide by Craneballs. This casual-ish shooter has some pretty amazing graphics and tons of upgrades. Craneballs has done a great job tailoring the controls and the gameplay to fit a mobile world. Quick play, lots of variety.…
  • Gameloft Releases ‘Age of Sparta’ Teaser Trailer

    Feb 23, 2015, 8:09 pm By Chris Reed
    Gameloft is gearing up to release Age of Sparta, a “strategy/tycoon” game in which you use the powers of ancient Greek warriors and ancient Greek gods to protect your land. Little about the game has been announced, but we do know that historic characters,…
  • From the Editor: New Slide To Play Launching Soon

    Feb 23, 2015, 1:18 pm By Jeff Scott
    It’s been a few months now since I was lucky enough to take over the controls here at Slide To Play and we’ve been pretty quiet about what changes we were going to make. Well now we can finally reveal some bits as we will be launching the new Slide to Play…
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