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  • Apple Watch Series 3 Review and Thoughts

    27m By David Sparks
    The Apple Watch series 3 reviews are starting to show up online. My favorites were from John Gruber and 9to5 Mac. There also appears to be some sort of bug with unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks but I expect that will get sorted out.While Apple’s marketing is…
  • Which iPhone for Non-Geeks?

    Tue 1:59pm By David Sparks
    Apple's review embargo on the iPhone 8 reviews lifted today and there are several positive reviews out concerning the new hardware. I've received several emails from listeners asking for advice about choosing between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. If you’re…
  • MPU 396: Apple Event and iOS 11

    Mon 2:10pm By David Sparks
    This week’s show includes our takeaways from the September 12 Apple event. We dive deep on the new hardware, and I give Katie a hard time about buying a new iPhone. We also start discussing the features available in iOS 11, which will ship in just a few…
  • Tinderbox 7.2 gets Faster plus Third Party App Support (Sponsor)

    Mon 9:59am By David Sparks
    This week MacSparky is sponsored by Tinderbox. Tinderbox stores and organizes your notes, plans, and ideas. Imagine a piece of software that can collect your thoughts and then let you visually organize and re-arrange them and you’re getting the idea about…
  • Craig Federighi Talks FaceID on the TalkShow

    Sun 6:38pm By David Sparks
    This week Apple’s software head, Craig Federighi, joined the TalkShow podcast to explain and answer questions about FaceID. It’s a great Sunday afternoon listen.I think my favorite part was the disclosure that if you pick up your iPhone X and swipe from…
  • The $1,000 iPhone

    Fri 3:12pm By David Sparks
    Because I’m such a geek, I often hear from my non-geek friends following a big Apple announcement. I would like to think my friends are generally pretty smart people. However, rarely have they actually watch the event. Instead, they’ve seen a headline or…
  • Home Screens – Jason Tate

    Fri 9:00am By David Sparks
    This week's home screen post features Jason Tate (website)(Twitter). In addition to running, Jason also hosts the Encore podcast, about the music industry. Jason's also an Apple geek. So Jason, show us your home screen.…
  • The A11 Bionic Chip

    Thu 1:42pm By David Sparks
    As part of Apple’s announcements on Tuesday, they spent considerable time talking about the silicon in the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It’s called the A11 Bionic. While there have been lots of chips in the A series from Apple, I'm not aware of them ever…
  • A Few Thoughts on the September 12 Apple Event

    Sep 12, 2017, 9:41 pm By David Sparks
    Like so many other nerds, I spent several hours today on the couch watching the Apple event. Several observations came to mind:The new campus looks amazing. I’m going to call in every favor I have from friends at Apple to try and get a tour. I know there’s…
  • The September 12 Apple Event

    Sep 12, 2017, 1:58 am By David Sparks
    We’re just hours away from Apple’s big iPhone (and other things) announcement. This event has had a lot of leaks leading up to it but I suspect Apple will still have a few surprises in store of us. Moreover, one of the most important things Apple does at…
  • Mac Power Users 395: Feedback Show

    Sep 11, 2017, 12:00 pm By David Sparks
    In this feedback episode, we cover listener questions, must-have iOS utilities, tagging, automation, and more feedback. Finally, we discuss the Apple iPhone event scheduled for September 12.Sponsors include:Gazelle: Sell your iPhone for cash at Gazelle!The…
  • Faviconographer Provides Favicons in Safari Tabs

    Sep 11, 2017, 10:52 am By David Sparks
    Developer Daniel Alm (maker of Timing) had an itch to scratch over the way Safari doesn’t display Favicons in tabs. Today he released a free little Mac utility, Faviconographer that overlays a website’s Favicon over its Safari tab. Clever.
  • Agenda Minder for Better Meetings (Sponsor)

    Sep 11, 2017, 10:30 am By David Sparks
    This week MacSparky is sponsored by Agenda Minder, the application that makes it easy to capture information so that you can run killer meetings. Agenda Minder is a personal productivity tool that is designed to help people prepare for meetings and develop…
  • Leaky Apple

    Sep 10, 2017, 11:24 am By David Sparks
    On top of the HomePod firmware release a few months ago, which appeared to be accidental, someone in Cupertino leaked the gold masters of iOS 11 a few days ago, which appears to be intentional. The gold master is usually the final version of a new operating…
  • Quality Developers

    Sep 9, 2017, 12:36 pm By David Sparks
    I have always felt that perhaps the biggest advantage to using Apple hardware is the rich market of quality independently developed software. There are so many apps on the Mac that simply don't exist for Windows. These independent developers are dedicated to…
  • Siri Today and in the Future

    Sep 8, 2017, 3:41 pm By David Sparks
    Yesterday Wired magazine published an article about the most recent improvements to Siri. Several prominent Apple executives participated including Alex Acero, the Siri lead, and Greg Joswiak.The focus of the article was the improvement to Siri’s voice with…
  • Free Agents: The "Spreadsheet"

    Sep 8, 2017, 11:00 am By David Sparks
    So you're thinking about going out on your own. It's time to build The Spreadsheet, a tool to let you gauge your potential income and expenses and give you a realistic view of what it will take to succeed.
  • Disaster Preparedness for Your Technology

    Sep 8, 2017, 8:00 am By David Sparks
    In light of Irma’s imminent arrival in Florida today, I thought it’d be worth linking a few articles addressing technology-related disaster preparation. First, Ars Technica has an article about the utility of having a UPS attached to your networking gear.…
  • iPhone (Pro?) Size Comparisons and Naming

    Sep 7, 2017, 1:58 pm By David Sparks
    Redmond Pie took a mock-up iPhone (Pro/Edition/8) and compared it to existing and past iPhones. Most interesting to me is the picture below pitting it against a 7 Plus.…
  • More on Microsoft Office for Mac

    Sep 6, 2017, 2:00 pm By David Sparks
    My post a few days ago about the future of Microsoft Office drew a lot of email. Here are a few random bits I picked up along the way:A lot of people really hate subscription software.Office 2011 has some Add-in support that Office365 still doesn’t support,…