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  • How to zip and unzip files on iOS

    48m By Charlie Sorrel
    Zipping files might be old-fashioned, but you still have to do it from time to time. Here’s how to handle .zip files on your iPad and iPhone. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
  • Apple Watch with LTE might not make phone calls on its own

    1h By Lewis Wallace
    The rumored Apple Watch with LTE may not work for phone calls, according to new research from a reliable Apple analyst. Instead, Apple will focus on improving the user experience with the untethered wearable. That’s the main takeaway from KGI Securities…
  • Everything you need to know about tagging files in iOS 11

    1:30pm By Charlie Sorrel
    iOS 11’s Files app has support for tagging files that syncs with the Mac. Here’s how to use tags to organize your files. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
  • Apple manufacturers in Taiwan hit by major power outage

    11:16am By Luke Dormehl
    Three iPhone component manufactures experienced an unexpected — and unwanted — disruption this week, when a major power outage in Taiwan temporarily brought production to a halt. Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, PowerTech Technology and ChipMOS…
  • This app improves the presentation of PDFs [Deals]

    11:00am By Cult of Mac Deals
    If you work with a computer, you probably work with PDFs. The familiar file format graces everyone’s computer desktop. But you can do a lot more with PDFs than you might think. Flip PDF converts standard PDF files into dynamic, mobile-friendly digital…
  • ESPN on Apple TV can now display four live streams at once

    10:56am By Killian Bell
    When you want to keep an eye on multiple games at the same time, you need ESPN’s updated tvOS app. Thanks to a new feature called MultiCast, you can enjoy up to four live streams simultaneously from across all of the network’s programming options on your…
  • Carpool Karaoke ads show off the series’ big celebrity pairings

    10:04am By Luke Dormehl
    To hype its new Carpool Karaoke series on Apple Music, Apple has debuted two new teaser ads, offering a preview of what fans can expect from the show. One ad features Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner as they belt out Justin Bieber’s…
  • Blurry photos purport to show mythical Apple TV set

    9:22am By Luke Dormehl
    Blurry images that popped up online supposedly show the testing of an Apple OLED television set of around 60 inches in size. The photos were shared on Chinese social media before being circulated by mobile leaker Benjamin Geskin on Twitter. And, just like…
  • Avoid seasonal sniffles with pollen forecasts in Google search

    8:07am By Killian Bell
    Google just became an even more useful place for pollen allergy sufferers. You can now view a five-day pollen forecast right inside your search results when using a mobile device to find pollen or allergy information. One in five Americans suffers from…
  • Today in Apple history: PowerBook 165 becomes Apple’s most affordable laptop

    8:00am By Luke Dormehl
    August 16, 1993: Apple ships the PowerBook 165, a lower-cost grayscale version of the PowerBook 165c, which was the company’s first laptop to offer a color display. The new model lacks the most attention-grabbing feature of the 165c, but it also brings its…
  • Apple will throw $1 billion at original programming over next year

    7:05am By Luke Dormehl
    Apple is reportedly preparing a $1 billion “war chest” which it will spend on acquiring or producing original content over the next year. That sum is around half of what HBO spent on production last year. The jewel in HBO’s crown is Game of Thrones,…
  • Apple hires former WGN America chief to bolster video team

    6:16am By Killian Bell
    Apple has hired former WGN America and Tribune Studios chief Matt Cherniss as it looks to bolster its original video efforts. Cherniss will reportedly oversee the company’s new worldwide video unit, serving under Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht, the…
  • Walmart brings Vudu streaming service to Apple TV next week

    5:00am By Killian Bell
    Walmart is bringing its Vudu streaming service to the Apple TV. A native app, which will offer more than 100,000 titles for rent or purchase, will be available on tvOS next week. Vudu is already available on 179 platforms and devices, including Chromecast,…
  • This miniature iPhone 7 Plus clone has a tiny 2.5-inch screen

    4:13am By Killian Bell
    Apple is expected to make its flagship iPhone even bigger this year, so what do you do if you prefer smaller devices? You could check out the Soyes 7S, a super-cute iPhone 7 Plus clone that has a miniature 2.54-inch display. Like a lot of iPhone clones from…
  • How to find your purchased apps in iOS 11

    Tue 3:00pm By Charlie Sorrel
    Can’t find your purchased apps in iOS 11? Don’t worry — they’re still there, they’ve just moved to a more hidden spot in the App Store. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
  • Instagram’s simple change makes comments much better

    Tue 1:21pm By Killian Bell
    Instagram today made a simple change that makes commenting on photos much better. Like Facebook and other services, it now supports threaded comments, so it’s easier to keep track of replies. Getting great comments on your photos is one of the things that…
  • Amazon Instant Pickup offers essential items in 2 minutes or less

    Tue 1:02pm By Killian Bell
    Amazon is making last-minute shopping even more convenient with its new Instant Pickup service. Available for free for Prime and Prime Student subscribers, the service lets you order “need-it-now” items that are available to collect in two minutes or less,…
  • Galaxy Note 8 can’t beat aging iPhone 7 Plus in performance

    Tue 12:00pm By Killian Bell
    The iPhone 7 Plus may be almost a year old now, but it’s still one of the most powerful smartphones you can buy today. So powerful, in fact, that not even Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 can outperform it in early benchmark tests. Samsung is relying on…
  • MacBook upgrades give Apple a second quarter sales boost

    Tue 11:26am By Killian Bell
    Recent upgrades to the 12-inch MacBook helped provide Apple with a 17.1 percent notebook sales boost during the second quarter of 2017. The company remains fifth in overall market share, but it has been able to widen the gap between itself and sixth-placed…
  • Clever add-on expands and streamlines iPhone storage [Deals]

    Tue 11:00am By Cult of Mac Deals
    One of the biggest reasons we use smartphones is to share media. But the increasing fidelity of pictures, videos, and other media is outpacing network speeds. You can try texting a 4K video to a friend, but make sure you’ve got a good book to read while you…
  • Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition gets three new characters this week

    Tue 10:40am By Luke Dormehl
    Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition landed on iOS last month and, true to its promise, it’s already introducing updates designed to keep the gaming experience fresh. This week, the game will introduce fan favorite characters Evil Ryu, Guy, and Gouken, all of…
  • Apple tightens returns policy in Hong Kong to combat iPhone 8 scalpers

    Tue 9:55am By Luke Dormehl
    Apple has tightened up its online sales policy in Hong Kong, noting that it will not “accept return for online orders placed on, and after August 15th, 2017.” The move comes ahead of the launch of the eagerly-anticipated iPhone 8, and is intended to deter…
  • Apple Pay snubbed by Beijing public transport app

    Tue 8:58am By Luke Dormehl
    Apple hasn’t always had the easiest time in China, and the latest reminder of this is the launch of a new scheme allowing users of Beijing’s transport system to pay through an app — although it’s not available on Apple Pay, or even iOS. Instead, the…
  • Macphun photographers to get retooled Aurora HDR 2018

    Tue 8:51am By David Pierini
    Imaging software company Macphun today announced a faster, more powerful version of its popular Aurora HDR. Available for pre-order next month, Aurora HDR 2018 includes a redesigned user interface, speed upgrades in RAW imaging processing and merging and…
  • Today in Apple history: iMac G3 arrives to save Apple

    Tue 8:00am By Luke Dormehl
    August 15, 1998: The iMac G3, Apple’s brightly colored translucent Macintosh relaunch, goes on sale to a rabid audience. Steve Jobs’ first major product launch since returning to Apple, the internet-ready iMac cements his legacy as a forward-thinking tech…
  • Google will pay $3 billion to remain top search provider on iOS

    Tue 7:20am By Luke Dormehl
    Google could pay Apple as much as $3 billion this year in order to remain the default search engine on iOS devices, a new report claims. The claim comes from Bernstein analyst A.M. Sacconaghi Jr. If true, it would represent a sizable increase from the $1…
  • Apple Watch Series 3 will bring LTE but no design changes

    Tue 6:53am By Killian Bell
    Apple Watch Series 3 will be a significant upgrade thanks to LTE connectivity, which will allow you to use apps and receive notifications without being tethered to your iPhone over Bluetooth. But one reliable analyst warns that the new model will look exactly…
  • Show your true stripes with these fun, fuzzy Apple Watch bands [Watch Store]

    Mon 8:12pm By Ami Icanberry
    Lust List: Cavallino Leather Apple Watch Band by Meridio Add some furry texture to your wrist with a stand-out strap from Meridio, makers of fine, Italian leather straps for Apple Watch. We love Meridio bands for their craftsmanship and elegance, and the…
  • Good luck getting your hands on HomePod this December

    Mon 3:20pm By Killian Bell
    Apple HomePod manufacturer Inventec Appliances warns that the device will be in limited supply when it launches this December. Analysts expect the company to ship just 500,000 units by the end of 2017. However, supplies are anticipated to improve in 2018, when…
  • How to send audio from one iOS app to another with Audiobus

    Mon 3:00pm By Charlie Sorrel
    Audiobus is an essential tool that can route audio between apps on your iPad or iPhone, and even let you remote control another device. Here’s how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)