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  • Organize all your Apple accessories Bento-box style

    18m By Ami Icanberry
    Japanese Bento boxes are synonymous with convenience, and have many designated compartments to hold and carry a variety of foods — all in one spot. Wiplabs has taken this centuries-old idea forward with the BentoStack, an all-in-one container for organizing…
  • Tim Cook takes tour of Amsterdam with famous iPhone photog

    18m By Buster Hein
    Apple CEO Tim Cook has been touring the Netherlands the last few days where he has been visiting with local developers and chatting it up with one of the best iPhone photographers in the game. Annet de Graaf (Instagram: @snapthecity) sat down with Cook in…
  • LG disses iPhone in whiny new ad

    53m By David Pierini
    With its smartphone sales in sharp decline, LG takes aim at the iPhone in a television ad that seems desperate to drum up excitement for its new flagship handset. The commercial for the new LG G7 ThinQ features actress Aubrey Plaza and shows a village of…
  • How to share passwords with AirDrop in iOS 12

    1h By Charlie Sorrel
    iOS 12 is full of neat tweaks that make life easier. One is the ability to quickly share a saved password via AiDrop. Here's how to do it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
  • macOS Quick Look flaw leaks encrypted data

    2h By Buster Hein
    One of the most useful features of macOS could potentially leak some of your most important data. Security researchers have discovered a flaw with the Quick Look feature on macOS that exposes document text and photo thumbnails from a user’s files. And the…
  • This is the best HomePod deal we’ve ever seen

    2h By David Pierini
    You can now get your hands on a HomePod without it costing an arm and a leg. BestBuy has refurbished models in Space Gray or White for $259, which is about $90 off the original HomePod price. The deal was spotted on the BestBuy website by Senior Editor Trevor…
  • How to import passwords into Dashlane

    2h By Ste Smith
    This post is brought to you by Dashlane. If you’re not using a password manager, you really should be. While it might seem daunting to stop relying on iCloud Keychain or a web browser like Safari, it’s really easy to step up your online security with a…
  • Hate scheduling meetings? WhenWorks app makes it easy

    3h By Killian Bell
    Scheduling a meeting should be a simple task, but it never is. WhenWorks is a new app that takes away the pain by allowing clients and colleagues to book time with you only when you’re free. All you have to do is decide when you want your meetings to take…
  • Apple Camp now taking reservations for summer fun

    3h By David Pierini
    Sign-ups began today for Apple Camp, a free three-day summer program for kids at Apple Stores across the globe. The camps, designed to expose kids to the many ways to get creative with Apple products, run July 9 through 27. Reservations tend to fill up fast.…
  • How to use Pages as a iPad teleprompter

    3h By Charlie Sorrel
    Pages' Presenter Mode is a great way to turn your iPad into an auto-scrolling teleprompter. Here's how to use it. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)
  • Apple drops new betas for iOS 11.4.1 and tvOS

    4h By Buster Hein
    Developers received a fresh batch of beta software from Apple this morning, only it wasn’t the iOS 12 beta 2 that everyone was hoping for. iOS 11.4.1 beta 3 was released to developers this morning, alongside a new beta for tvOS 11.4.1. Both builds bring a…
  • Supreme Court to rule whether developers can sue Apple

    1:00pm By Ed Hardy
    Software developers filed a lawsuit years ago claiming Apple uses the App Store to enforce a monopoly on iOS software. Apple argues that developers don’t have the right to bring this lawsuit, only consumers do. The legal maneuvering has dragged on, but U.S.…
  • Smell played! Fortnite update adds stink bombs to Battle Royale

    12:21pm By Killian Bell
    Close your eyes and hold your noses because stink bombs are coming soon to Fortnite: Battle Royale. The new throwable, which will damage opponent players who get caught up in its cloud, will be added in this week’s content update. Epic has already introduced…
  • Stay focused on writing with iA Writer (50 Essential iOS Apps #27)

    12:00pm By Ian Fuchs
    There are dozens of ways to write on iOS. Apple’s own Notes app offers a simple writing platform, while Pages allows for elaborate documents – complete with pictures. While both are good for certain tasks, more serious writers typically want something a…
  • So much for Tidal! Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s joint album already on Apple Music

    10:41am By Luke Dormehl
    Jay-Z may be the founder of Tidal, but it seems that he still cares more about streaming numbers than he does about long-term exclusives for this streaming company. At least, that’s the big takeaway from the fact that his joint album with wife Beyoncé is…
  • Pokémon Go is finally getting trading, gifting and friends lists

    10:15am By Killian Bell
    Pokémon Go is finally giving players the ability to trade pocket monsters with their friends. The feature will be added this summer, alongside the ability to create a friends list, developer Niantic confirmed today. Players have been waiting for trading to…
  • Make editing PDFs less of a pain [Deals]

    10:00am By Cult of Mac Deals
    If you work on a computer, chances are you work with PDFs. They’re a great format for sharing digital documents of all kinds. But try to edit one, and suddenly PDFs can become a pain in the butt. PDF Expert takes the padlock off of PDFs, so no wonder it’s…
  • Apple may have completely scrapped iPhone SE 2

    8:35am By Luke Dormehl
    If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the iPhone SE 2… well, you may just have to go right on waiting. According to a new report, citing case maker Olixar, the 5.8-inch iPhone XI, 6.5-inch iPhone XI Plus and 6.1-inch iPhone 9 are likely to be the only next-gen…
  • Today in Apple history: John Sculley steps down as Apple CEO

    8:15am By Luke Dormehl
    June 18, 1993: John Sculley steps down as CEO after a 10-year run at Apple. Sculley is asked to leave by the Apple board after AAPL shares collapse from a high of $4.33 in 1992 to $0.73 the following year. He hands over the CEO role to Michael Spindler,…
  • iOS 12 automatically shares your location when you call 911

    7:56am By Killian Bell
    Apple is making it easier for iPhone users in the United States to be located by the emergency services with iOS 12. When the update rolls out to everyone this fall, users will be able to automatically and securely share their location data with 911 first…
  • iOS 12 has already been jailbroken on an iPhone X

    7:29am By Killian Bell
    iOS 12 has been jailbroken just one week after the first beta was made available to registered developers. Security researches have demonstrated the hack on an iPhone X. The process, which installs Cydia, takes less than a minute and requires no other…
  • Foxconn is establishing a corporate HQ in the U.S.

    6:07am By Luke Dormehl
    Long time Apple manufacturer Foxconn has revealed that its U.S. corporate headquarters will be located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is close to its proposed U.S. factory in Wisconsin, which will reportedly be used for producing smartphone displays for…
  • HomePod launches in Canada, France, and Germany

    5:14am By Luke Dormehl
    Apple’s HomePod speaker has launched in three new countries, including Canada, France, and Germany. Users can speak to HomePod in French and German, with French-Canadian language support set to be added later this year. Ahead of the release, HomePod also…
  • How will Apple distribute its original TV shows? Here are three theories

    4:26am By Luke Dormehl
    The biggest question mark currently hanging over Apple’s original TV plans is how exactly Apple plans to distribute it. With the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg in tow, there’s no doubt that Apple has managed to rope in some impressive names…
  • Celebrate diversity with Juuk’s limited-release Apple Watch band [Pride Month]

    Sun 11:15pm By Ami Icanberry
    Juuk’s steel bands for Apple Watch have always impressed us. June is LGBT Pride Month, and Juuk’s hard-to-get Rainbow Ligero Apple Watch band in 42 mm is back in time for the celebrations. After months in production, we’re happy to have the 42 mm Juuk…
  • Nyloon shows LGBT Pride with rainbow Apple Watch band [Pride Month]

    Sun 10:40pm By Ami Icanberry
    June is Pride Month and Nyloon has issued a woven nylon rainbow Apple Watch band for its wearers to celebrate and show support for the LGBT community. Plus, who doesn’t love rainbows? The band, which comes in both 38 and 42 mm, is part of a Nyloon’s…
  • 5G standard completed, ready to provide ubiquitous gigabit internet

    Sun 10:15pm By Ed Hardy
    4G LTE will soon be supplanted by something better, stronger, and faster. But before 5G can be rolled out, it had to pass an important hurdle: a final design needed to be agreed apron. The 3GPP agreed on a standard this week, opening the way to significantly…
  • What iPhone X without the ‘notch’ would look like

    Sun 9:00pm By Ed Hardy
    Even though the iPhone X has proved very popular, its screen cutout nevertheless has critics. A rival phone maker unveiled a device that shows why Apple went with the design it did. The Vivo NEX has a nearly edge-to-edge screen, with no notch in sight. This…
  • Don’t take your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook to the World Cup

    Sun 6:00pm By Ed Hardy
    The FIFA World Cup, soccer/football’s quadrennial championship, kicked off this week in Russia, and literally billions around the world are watching. If you’re planning to actually attend one of the matches, be sure to leave behind your personal…
  • Streemur, ApeMatrix, Voice Memos, and other amazing apps of the week

    Sun 1:00pm By Charlie Sorrel
    This week we write a screen-play using text messages, make music out of random internet radio streams, and enjoy Apple's own Voice Memos app, on the iPad at last. (via Cult of Mac - Tech and culture through an Apple lens)