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  • Mr Jump: Tips, hints, and cheats you need to know!

    12:19pm By Allyson Kazmucha
    Addicted to Mr Jump but can't seem to get past a particular level? There's no denying that as fun as Mr Jump is, certain levels are incredibly challenging. While some levels just require lots of repetition and do overs in order to learn the lay of the land,…
  • This Beta is on FIRE

    10:00am By Rich Stevens
    Happy Saturday, iMore! Because Rich is awesome, he's letting us run some of his Mac-themed comics from the Diesel Sweeties archive on weekends. Bonus comics, woo! We hope you enjoy. Read more comics from the Pixel Project on
  • Save over 50% today on this transparent iPhone 6 Plus hard case

    5:00am By Brent Zaniewski
    Designed to keep your iPhone 6 Plus as slim as possible, this clear hard case features an impact resistant bumper with a see-though, scratch resistant hard cover. Slim, simple protection for only $6.95 today
  • New flash storage tech promises tenfold capacity increase

    Sat 12:13pm By Peter Cohen
    A new breakthrough promises much better solid state disk (SSD) storage capacity. Could future a MacBook sport multiple terabytes of storage? Both Intel and Micron have announced the development of 3D NAND, a new form of computer storage that promises…
  • How to fix the headphone jack in your iPhone: The ultimate guide

    Sat 11:55am By Allyson Kazmucha
    So your out of warranty iPhone has a busted headphone jack. If you'd rather fix it on your own instead of buying a new iPhone, you've come to the right place. The symptoms of a broken headphone jack are similar in all models, and can include audio cutting in…
  • Secret Apple Watch controls: How you'll navigate what's on your wrist!

    Sat 11:09am By Rene Ritchie
    The Apple Watch only has two hardware buttons but, just like the iPhone, there's a lot you can do with them! Tim Cook introduced the Apple Watch back in September and while much was shown off, much still remains to be seen. What we do know is that it has two…
  • Future Shop in Canada to end, some locations to rebrand under Best Buy

    Sat 11:01am By John Callaham
    Future Shop parent Best Buy is consolidating, with some stores closing, other rebranding. Best Buy outlined its plans in a statement released today, saying it had conducted a review of its Canadian operations before making these changes. Roughly half the…
  • What would you change about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

    Sat 10:07am By Rene Ritchie
    If Apple sticks to pattern, we've got a similarly designed iPhones 6s coming our way this year, and a redesigned iPhones 7 coming our way next. It's been six months since the launch of the current generation iPhones, so it seems like as good a time as any to…
  • ifo Apple Store shuts down after 14 years

    Sat 9:06am By Peter Cohen
    Back in 2001, Apple's retail store initiative was new, and one web site tracked every move the company made. Now that web site is winding down. A hearty farewell to Gary Allen, who for almost the last decade and a half has reported on Apple's retail store…
  • Grab an iPhone 6 bumper case today for only $4.95

    Sat 5:00am By Brent Zaniewski
    Made from a glossy and matte double molded polycarbonate, this bumper case conforms perfectly around the iPhone 6 to provide casual protection against minor drops. It even slightly elevates the phone from flat surfaces, keeping it safe from unwanted scratches…
  • Follow @iMore on Twitter for everything Apple!

    Fri 8:26pm By Rene Ritchie
    If Twitter is where you hang your social hashtags, we've got two great ways for you to stay up to date with iMore! For those who prefer a carefully curated experience, we have the main @iMore account. It brings you the very best of our original content…
  • Snag the CarPlay compatible Pioneer AVH-4100NEX for just $570 from Amazon

    Fri 4:45pm By Dan Thorp-Lancaster
    Amazon currently has a pretty good deal going on the recently-released CarPlay-sporting Pioneer AVH-4100NEX — dropping the price of the unit to just $569.95. While the unit carries an MSRP of $700, Amazon's deal marks it down from its previous list price of…
  • Learn how to automate your Mac

    Fri 4:40pm By Peter Cohen
    Do the same things over and over again on your Mac? Apple's Automator can help. If you've ever taken stock of the factory-installed apps included on your Mac, you've probably seen Automator but you may have never used it. What exactly is Automator and what can…
  • How to sign up for, send, and receive Snapcash with Snapchat

    Fri 4:00pm By Allyson Kazmucha
    Snapchat has partnered with Square to make sending secure cash payments to your friends just as easy as sending a photo. To get started with Snapcash you'll need to be 18 or older and have a US issued debit card. Once you link your debit card information to…
  • Tim Cook speaks out against controversial bills in Indiana, Arkansas

    Fri 3:59pm By Joseph Keller
    Tim Cook isn't just Apple's CEO, he's increasingly the company's and the industry's voice for inclusivity and equality. As such, it should come as no surprise that Tim Cook has taken to Twitter to speak out on the potentially discriminatory new legislation…
  • Loop Magazine goes all in on Apple Watch

    Fri 3:41pm By Rene Ritchie
    Jim Dalrymple has put together a special edition of The Loop Magazine focused completely on the Apple Watch. Both Peter Cohen and I have pieces in it, as do many others. If you're interested in the Apple Watch, and if you're reading this, you likely are, you…
  • Slack launches two-factor authentication following unauthorized database access

    Fri 2:46pm By Jared DiPane
    Slack has enabled two-factor authorization for users, following unauthorized access to their database which stores user profile information. Slack had the database which stores user profile information accessed without authorization, and to ensure account…
  • This is how Wunderlist designed its app for the Apple Watch

    Fri 1:55pm By Joseph Keller
    Wunderlist's head of design, Ben Lehnert, has gone into detail about how the company designed its app for the Apple Watch. Not wanting to try and fit everything from the desktop and mobile apps onto the Apple Watch, the Wunderlist team decided to only…
  • The part of Apple TV experience that really sucks

    Fri 1:55pm By Peter Cohen
    The Apple TV channel authorization experience is horrible, and it's all the content providers' fault. Setting up an Apple TV for basic streaming and iTunes access is ridiculously easy: Plug it in, turn it on, then hold your iPhone or iPad to the top of the…
  • Vine now supports 720p video viewing and uploads from the iPhone

    Fri 1:02pm By John Callaham
    Vine now supports higher-resolution 720p video uploads from the iPhone. Vine announced the new higher-resolution videos in a blog post, adding that they will be viewable on their iOS and Android apps "over the coming days". Vine video posts made from the…
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